Trip planner: Everything you need to know before RVing or camping in Aztec, NM

Check out the RVing opportunities in Aztec, New Mexico

Camping in Aztec is a snowbirder's dream come true - there are all kinds of things to see and do here.

Aztec, New Mexico
Come to the Aztec Ruins National Monument and learn about local history. — Photo courtesy Ken Lund/Flickr Creative Commons

For outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs and RVers of all stripes, Aztec is a must-visit destination. Here is some information to get you started in planning your Aztec vacation.

Population: 6,378

Climate: Aztec has mild temperatures year round, making it perfect for any RVer, including snowbirds.

Tourist information for Aztec, NM

Top attractions in Aztec, NM

The Aztec Ruins National Monument

Walk through Aztec ruins and learn about the rich history of the Pueblo people.

Aztec Municipal Golf Course

Located at Hidden Valley, this pristine course offers reasonable fees and regular events.

Sandstone Arches

Aztec is surrounded by impressive natural sandstone arches, which add drama to the scenery and make for awesome photos.

Aztec Museum & Pioneer Village

Get in touch with the past, take a walking tour through the restored Pioneer Village and look at enticing exhibits at this historic hot spot.

Alien Run Mountain Bike Trails

Aztec is known for its rugged bike trails, which stretch for more than 30 miles and allow riders to sample a variety of terrain.

Top events and festivals in Aztec, NM

Earth Day at Aztec Ruins National Monument

Celebrate nature at a site of great history and beauty.

Music in the Courtyard at Wines of the San Juan

Sip on some wine, indulge in the surroundings and listen to live music.

Sanidumps in Aztec, NM

Desert Planters Memorial Garden

Ruins Road RV Park

Navajo Lake State Park

RoadRunner Fuels

Campgrounds and RV resorts in Aztec, NM

Ruins Road RV Park and Campground

Animas River RV Park

Kelly's RV Park

Sunrise RV Park

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