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Fun from coast to coast

Bud and Rhonda Beeman and their dog Buddy have travelled from coast to coast with never a dull moment.

by Karen Kornelsen
Evidence of where Bud and Rhonda have traveled.
Souvenirs of Bud and Rhonda's travels. — Keith Powell photo

Bud and Rhonda Beeman are living the dream. From their home in Cranbrook, B.C., they have travelled all over Canada and most of the United States. They've been travelling for 10 years in their 34-foot 2005 Terry pull trailer, which they pull behind their truck. Their ongoing Yahtzee tournament is also in its 10th year and, although Rhonda has only been the champion three times, she said she'll never give up trying to beat her sweetie.

"We love our trailer and if it could talk, oh the stories it would tell," said Rhonda. "Whether it's an ocean-side spot, beside a lake or nestled snugly in the woods, enjoying the sun, the wind or the pounding rain, we enjoy every moment. There is nothing like seeing the early morning mist rising from the lake or smelling the forest after a refreshing rain. Long walks by the river, looking at mossy covered trees, or the visit from a moose, a deer or a squirrel, listening to the birds, enjoying a campfire and meeting new people—that's what it's all about."

Bud and Rhonda have been to so many places, it's hard for them to pick a favourite. Their travels have taken them to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Olympic Peninsula, Glacier National Park, Craters of the Moon and so much more. The list seems to never end.

But their six-month road trip across Canada was the highlight of their life. They had no schedule, no reservations anywhere, and stopped where and when they wanted for however long they wanted. The couple was more often than not off the beaten path and came across so many interesting things.

Bud and Rhonda Beeman love traveling in their RV with their dog, Buddy.
Bud and Rhonda Beeman love travelling in their RV with their dog Buddy. — Photo courtesy Bud and Rhonda Beeman

"I kept a journal of our trip on the laptop," said Rhonda. "I would send some little,—and not so little—updates to our friends. I also added many more spoons to my collection. So many in fact that when we returned, my hubby made me a new spoon cabinet that holds just under 300."

Getting Bud and Rhonda to pick their top three favourite memories from their journeys was next to impossible. One such story took place on the southern edge of Manitoba.

"We were coming in on the back roads into this little town when all of a sudden there was a huge line-up of cars," said Bud. "It was 10 in the morning and we thought maybe there was a serious accident up ahead. It took about 45 minutes before we realized it was a line-up for Tim Hortons!"

Another time, the couple was in Quebec during a heat wave. Their trusted travelling companion Buddy, a six-year-old Springer Spaniel, was just a puppy at the time. Because it was so hot and humid, they bought him a big inflatable pool so he could swim and cool off next to their RV.

"It was the cutest thing, watching our puppy playing with his ball in the pool," said Rhonda. "Until I looked over and saw two forlorn-looking little kids just staring at the pool. I would have gladly let them swim in it, but the dog was already in there. But their very creative mom pulled out two of these hard-sided plastic Superstore shopping bins, filled them with water and in they went—with their knees up around their ears! It was hilarious."

Their dog, Buddy, swimming in his pool.
Buddy swimming in his pool. — Photo courtesy Bud and Rhonda Beeman

For the Beemans, RVing is all about relaxation.

"Like when we go to the West Coast, we take about 10 to 12 days to get there and it's very relaxing," said Bud. "We have a few favourite spots we'll stop at along the way for three to four days."

"But one time," said Rhonda. "We had to be in Victoria by a certain date because we were dog sitting for one of our daughters. We woke up one day and finally realized the date and it turned out we had to be in Victoria the next day! We totally lost all sense of time. It's just so relaxing being out on the road."

Bud and Rhonda live by the motto that life is so very short, they need to make the most of it. They do so by enjoying every moment of wherever their journey takes them.

Bud and Rhonda's truck and trailer that has taken them all over Canada and beyond.
Bud and Rhonda's truck and trailer have taken them all over Canada and beyond. — Photo courtesy Bud and Rhonda Beeman

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