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Meet the Samsons

Ron and Denise Samson are a long way from home

by Kali Love

Ron and Denise Samson are seasoned RVers and they are enjoying their first glimpse of the B.C. Rockies.

Where are you from?

We are from Ontario.

How long have you been RVing?

We have been RVing for 13 or 14 years. We have been all over the southern and western United States, we have covered Newfoundland and we are working our way across Canada. Essentially we have been all over Canada, we are coming back over the northern United States because we haven’t done them yet.

How long have you been travelling for?

We have been gone about a month and we have about two and a half months to go.

What kind of RV do you own?

This is a Cameo made by Carriage. It is a 36-foot triple slide RV.

Do you have a favourite destination?

Every trip is special. The 100-day California trip was special and we fell in love with the desert. In Newfoundland we fell in love with the ocean and this year we are falling in love with the mountains.

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