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RVers on an epic family adventure

Mandy and Jason from the Campfire Travelers blog weigh in with RV tips and advice


In a world that often feels confined, some families find their freedom through travel. Meet Mandy and Jason Doolittle, the bloggers behind Campfire Travelers, who—accompanied by their three sons and a 10-year-old shepherd—embark on regular camping excursions. This family's nomadic lifestyle has become a source of inspiration for their followers all over the world. With each passing mile, Mandy and Jason's passion for the open road grows stronger, fueled by their unwavering dream of one day transitioning into full-time RVing. As they share their captivating tales and awe-inspiring photographs, their story becomes an invitation to embrace the unknown and redefine the meaning of true freedom.

Of course we had to get in touch with Mandy and Jason to ask a few questions about their experiences:

- Photo courtesy Campfire Travelers

Who do you travel with?

Mandy: Jason and I travel with our three sons: Austin (16) and our twins Cooper and Sawyer (13). We also love to go camping with members of our extended family on both sides.

Jason: Plus, Sammi, our 10-year-old white shepherd. I think she loves camping more than any of us!

Do you RV full-time?

Jason: Although we're currently just weekend warriors, full-time RVing is a dream of ours. As a family, we like to set a fun goal of spending at least 40 nights in our RV each year.

Mandy: The twins are ready to hit the road full-time, like yesterday! We are too. But our oldest prefers traditional school and likes having a solid base under his feet. We think he's crazy, but we respect his decision as a member of our family. So we're waiting to see what the future holds. Sometimes we joke that we'll sell the house the minute he goes off to college and take the twins full-timing.

- Photo courtesy Campfire Travelers

What has been the biggest surprise you've encountered since you started RVing?

Mandy: For me, since I grew up RVing I was surprised about how much maintenance an RV requires, I never paid attention to what my parents were doing when I was a kid. And now it can get a little overwhelming to be thinking about the roof and the axles and brakes and water leaks and all that.

Jason: That's so true! When your little house is bouncing down the road you never know what can go wrong. The biggest surprise I've noticed is that you hear how tight the RVing community is—and it really is true. Everyone is so friendly and loves to stop and chat and exchange tips and tricks of what they found works for them. I really enjoy getting to talk to the folks who have been RVing for decades, like 30 and 40 years.

- Photo courtesy Campfire Travelers

What is the most important lesson you've learned along the way?

Jason: Go with the flow and have fun! 

Mandy: I think my most important lesson is that Jason and I don't have the same camping style so we both have learned to compromise really well. And we're lucky because all our boys are really easygoing.

What is your favourite family activity to take part in while RVing?

Jason: Geocaching—we love it. Finding a great trail to go hiking on and integrating geocaching with it has been something we've been doing as a family for almost 15 years. We all enjoy it.

Mandy: We love hiking no matter what, but geocaches do make it extra fun. Our twins just got hiking poles for Christmas and they are so excited to use them this summer. Personally, beyond hiking, I could spend all my time at visitor centers and history museums.

- Photo courtesy Campfire Travelers

What has been your most beloved destination to visit so far?

Mandy: That is so hard to choose! I think I'd base that on how often the kids and I talk about a certain place and dream about going back. We all loved the Mighty 5 in Utah and would love to go back 100 times. We also love the Texas Hill Country. And we could go back to the Black Hills in South Dakota every year!

Jason: How do you pick when America offers such amazing places? I loved Yellowstone, Zion, and Arches. We have to get back to Glacier. When we were there Going to the Sun Road was still partially closed with snow so we haven't seen everything, but what we did see, was incredible.

What are your plans for the future?

Mandy: This summer, we're spending four weeks visiting North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We're so excited to explore these areas!

Jason: And our long-term plan is to visit as many national parks as possible. Eventually full-time RV. I just want to explore everything that North America has to offer.

If you could share one camping "hack" or piece of advice to a new RVer, what would it be?

Jason: It's important to know your rig inside and out before you set off. Consider carrying extra parts with you to give yourself peace of mind. For instance, we always make sure to have spare water heater parts on hand since that's what tends to break down most frequently for us, and with five of us traveling together, we all appreciate a hot shower.

Mandy: It's a great idea to maintain an ongoing RV inventory list in your phone's Notes app. This way, you can easily keep track of important items like the amount of toilet paper remaining or whether or not you have garlic salt in the kitchen. Having this information at your fingertips can be incredibly helpful, especially if you have to keep your RV at a storage facility like we do.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Mandy: Our passion for sharing RV trips with kids and the amazing places we visit led us to create our blog, Campfire Travelers. We hope to inspire as many families as possible to spend quality time together and make unforgettable memories.

Jason: If you see us on the road, be sure to say hi!

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