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What if you can’t become a full-timer?

There are nothing but positives in considering your RVing lifestyle

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Each RVer has their own needs and wants when it comes to their favourite lifestyle...or passtime. — Photo courtesy of Lynne Benjamin

Okay, so not everybody wants to live in their RV full-time, giving up their home and squeezing all of the worldly belongings into a 36-foot fifth wheel or motorhome. Just because some of us think that is like going to heaven, we have to accept that others shudder at the thought of it. It doesn’t make either party right or wrong.

RVing is many things to many people. It may mean spending every warm, summer weekend exploring the local countryside, doing a little fishing and relaxing. Others spend their vacation time in an RV at their favourite lake with their family and friends. Many people I know use their RV to take extended trips across the country in the summer months or explore southern United States during our cold Canadian winters.

These people still have a regular home to return to at the end of their journey and although most have enjoyed their RV experience they are happy to return to their familiar routine and home.

The best of both worlds

By not living in their RV full-time, these RVers don’t have to worry about downsizing and getting rid of a lifetime of memories. Nor do they have to leave their family or friends for extended periods of time except on their short trips. They can lock the door of their home and it will be waiting for them when they return. It may be a little dusty but all of their stuff will be waiting for them to enjoy.

There is no need to arrange for long term mail service, there are no legal issues regarding where they reside, and there is a place to return to in the event of an emergency. It’s not a bad thing to have these benefits.

Choice of RV

By not having to live in their RV, the RVer does not have to be as fussy about things like storage space, size of the unit, type of unit or reliability. If you are only taking it down the road to the lake it doesn’t need to have all of those extra bells and whistles full-timers think they need.

No options

Sometimes, although we would love to become full-time RVers, it may not be possible due to health, finances or personal circumstances. It doesn’t mean we have to give up RVing completely. We can take advantage of what we can do and enjoy it to the best of our ability. Maybe we can’t have a big motorhome to travel across the country in, but it might be possible to purchase a van or small trailer. It may not have all the amenities but it still gives us the option of staying at home or being able to RV. I personally would rather be in a small trailer or van checking out the backroads than staying at home because I can’t have a big, fancy RV.

It’s up to the individual

We may have dreams of travelling full-time or we may not, and it’s perfectly okay either way. It comes down to the individual and what their wants are, and what makes it right for them. As long as they are enjoying themselves and their RV, that is what is really important. Happy travels everyone, and enjoy the summer.

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