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Boler cruising

Recently a spectacular family event took place in Penticton, B.C., that included Elvis Presley, antique cars and classic Boler trailers—what a combination!

A restored black and yellow Boler trailer, towed by a black and yellow El Camino sits on display at a beachside parking lot.
This fully restored Boler features thematic bedding inside its cozy interior. — Photo courtesy of Astral Radio, Summerland

While walking through Gyro Park during the annual Peach City Beach Cruise and eating a delicious hot dog, I met up with a group of people who are touring parts of British Columbia in their classic cars and pulling luxury Boler trailers. 

Egg on wheels

Sometimes called “eggs on wheels,” these lightweight trailers have become an integral part of Classic Car Cruises and were of great interest to the spectators at the recent Penticton’s Peach Cruise and Tribute to Elvis Festival. Supposedly, there were 10,000 Bolers manufactured in Canada prior to 1988 and it seems that more people are getting involved in their restoration every year. The three I viewed are no exception.

The initial group started on Vancouver Island, crossing on B.C. Ferries to the mainland driving their antique cars and pulling their little trailers. I had actually seen this small group on the highway near Keremeos and was looking forward to seeing them again in the Skaha Beach to Peach Parade in Penticton.

Bumblebee Boler

I wasn’t disappointed. The bright yellow El Camino pulling a little “bumble bee” trailer led the pack with a restored Packard towing its matching maroon-coloured Boler and more classic cars and Bolers following not too far behind. 

Of course, I asked George Tyre’s wife, Lolly, what it was like staying in such a confined space. She laughed and said that she had threatened to follow the group with her truck and fifth wheel but her husband convinced her otherwise and says it is actually very comfortable. Judging by the large number of people who stuck their heads through the door to check it out at the car show, many others agree.

Route 66 tablecloth


The trailer’s interior has been restored with checked pillow cases, a Route 66 table cloth over the little dining table and a smiling baby doll dressed as a bumble bee propped up on the bed. The compact fridge, stove and sink all seemed to be working just fine.

After displaying their units along Okanagan Lake and enjoying the events in Penticton, their next stop was a show in Westbank, then on to Princeton and up into the Cariboo, stopping at antique car shows along the way. What a way to travel!

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