Luxury motorhomes: Class A all the way!

With these decked-out units, RVers can have their dream home on wheels.

Live in the lap of luxury, with one of these high-end RV units.
Live in the lap of luxury, with one of these high-end RV units. — Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo/chrishyde

If you plan to spend a good chunk of time RVing, you will want your unit to feel as much like home as possible. While you can certainly make do with a smaller RV, for some snowbirds and other long-term vacationers, a Class A motorhome is well worth the investment.

Pros and cons of owning a luxury motorhome

While having your dream RV might sound like perfection, these units are not for everyone and there are some factors to consider:

  • Cost: A brand-new Class A motorhome starts at about $70,000 and can go up significantly from there, depending on what amenities you require. For some (especially those who RV full time), this may be cost-effective, but it is beyond some budgets.
  • Gas mileage: The larger the unit, the more fuel it will typically use. For those spending more time on the road than in a campsite, this could lead to considerable expense, compared to that incurred when travelling with a smaller unit.
  • Driving/parking difficulty: If you are unaccustomed to driving a large motorhome, it will take some getting used to. Driving, parking and manoeuvring in campsites can all be a little trickier with a massive Class A motorhome.

That being said, if you are prepared for the cost and are comfortable driving it, you can't beat the indulgence of a luxury RV. These are just a few of the perks:

  • Comfort: Living full-time in one of these motorhomes is a joy. They often have the same amenities you'd find in a house, and cost a great deal less than home ownership.
  • Spaciousness: Class A units have room to for several people to sleep (usually at least six), storage space, a separate master bedroom, and slide-out rooms that can expand the unit by up to a meter.
  • No special license is required to drive them, unless they have air brakes.
  • You can get winterized versions with heated tanks, upgraded insulation and windows, and a high-BTU furnace to keep you warm during winter camping.
  • You can tow a small trailer, boat or car. This makes day trips or outdoor recreation even more convenient, and if you bring a car, you won't have to move the RV every time you need to run out for errands.

Visit this site to learn more about Class A motorhomes.

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