Anthony and Marguerite Breda

Anthony and Marguerite Breda

We have always considered ourselves sojourners. Webster defines the word as “one who travels from place to place, staying only for a short time.” That definition fits us to a T, for as full-time RVers who serve as volunteers at state parks and national wildlife refuges, we never stay in one place for more than a few months. We started our volunteer lifestyle in mid-2000 and we have served at several parks and refuges throughout the U.S. The following articles are based on our adventures.

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train car in Colorado
RV Sojourners

The trains of Colorado (Part B)

Now it is time to take your RV and follow us to the western part of Colorado to see what is on offer. 

March 2012 by
grayscale photo of a train
RV Sojourners

The trains of Colorado (Part A)

We have taken you to a number of railroad museums in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Now we will travel to the next highest level.

February 2012 by
steam train
RV Sojourners

Chugging through Nevada

Nevada is our next stop in our pursuit of railway museums and tours.

January 2012 by
RV Sojourners

Quilting: A grand project

Like to quilt? Hate to sew? Kids won't sit still to quilt a blanket? No problem, do a collage instead.

December 2011 by
people at a train museum
RV Sojourners

All aboard!

Railroad museums come in all shapes and sizes, in sunny California.

November 2011 by
gemstones laid out on a table
RV Sojourners

Gemstones: California’s earthen treasures

This balmy state is a virtual treasure trove, filled with places to do some serious gemstone hunting.

October 2011 by
water garden with building nearby
RV Sojourners

The fascinating gardens of California

This state has its share of amazing botanical gardens, each with its own story to tell.

September 2011 by
restored black steam locomotive
RV Sojourners

Follow the trains

It is time for railroad buffs to learn about railroad museums and organizations in the southwestern part of the USA. All aboard!

September 2011 by
tram passing over a mountain
RV Sojourners

Trolleys, streetcars and trams

These intriguing historical methods of transportation are making a big come-back.

August 2011 by
bee on a flower
RV Sojourners

I Spy

A variation on a fun game, with an educational bonus

July 2011 by
moth on a window screen
RV Sojourners

Let’s get buggy

Bug hunting is a great way to enjoy some time with your grandchildren.

May 2011 by
a canyon area on a sunny day
RV Sojourners

The main street mural town

Barstow, California draws history lovers and outdoor recreation enthusiasts alike.

April 2011 by
Petroglyphs on a rock
RV Sojourners

Petroglyphs and pictographs

Defining and explaining a spiritual form of historic artwork.

February 2011 by
Snow on the San Jacinto Mountains
Palm Springs

The easy life at The Sands RV and Golf Resort

There is something for everyone to enjoy at this fantastic Palm Springs location. January 2011 by
Motorhomes parked at Westwind resort

Westwind wonders

This RV and golf resort in Yuma has earned its stellar reputation. January 2011 by
People playing Pickleball
Palm Springs

Pickleball and more

Sky Valley RV Resort is a top family destination

January 2011 by
rocky landscape in Arizona
RV Sojourners

An oasis in the desert

Lyman Lake State Park in Arizona is full of pleasant surprises

December 2010 by
Rvs in the park
RV Sojourners

A tour of King’s Canyon National Park

Consider a worthwhile diversion to the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

December 2010 by
illustration of a map and a variety of goods
RV Sojourners

Cross with no concern

Soon it will be that time of year, the time when you must decide whether to stay in the frigid part of North America, or to head south to a warmer climate.

November 2010 by
Bridalveil Falls  with trees surrounding
RV Sojourners

A visit to Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park has a number of attractions: rocks and glaciers, waterfalls and rivers, canyons, wildlife, plants and recreational activities.

October 2010 by