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Why own an RV?

There are many good reasons to explore the RVing world


If you’re thinking of purchasing an RV then now’s the time. I know that sounds like a sales pitch but there are many positive benefits to RV ownership, especially these days when the economy is in a downturn and all the stress and anxiety it brings is an indication that we need to get away from it all and recharge the batteries.

You can travel at your own pace and enjoy your trip, staying at places of interest without losing the comforts of your residential home, and you can even bring your dog. An RV allows folks to prepare meals, sleep, take a shower or just relax along the way or at your destination. The cost savings compared to other types of excursions that may include airfare, car rentals, dining and hotel expenses will allow you and your family to do some exploring and other family activities.

The convenience, comfort and control derived from RV ownership cannot be denied. The freedom is hard to beat as compared to other vacation choices even with finance charges, insurance, repair costs and camping fees taken into consideration.

An area of RV lifestyle that has been really growing in popularity is the recreational park model trailer. Some folks want to stay in an RV campground or resort and not have to load and tow their RV for hours. You can choose to purchase a park model or park your towable RV on a fully serviced lot. There’s no packing or unpacking every trip. The ability to personalize your “home away from home” with family pictures, plants, and an outside deck to enjoy those lazy days of summer can really appeal to those semi-retired and retired folks who would rather just pull into their lot, open the front door and begin to relax right away. Most RV park models will have residential type furnaces, water heaters, ranges and fridges, as well as washer/dryer combo units. If you would rather be on the move, what better way to enjoy a sporting event like a baseball, soccer or golf tournament or—my personal favourite—stock car racing and have the ability to go back to your RV, start a campfire and discuss the highlights of the event with family and close friends or the new friends you may meet along the way.

An RV can actually pull your family closer together, especially if there’s no TV reception or cellular phone service in that location. Many campgrounds and resorts have added activities and amenities to help folks enjoy their stay and in some cases provide areas of interest for kids and teens. If you are new to RVing you should first learn about the different types of RVs available and find the style that best suits your needs and requirements. You and your family may like to dry camp or you might prefer to have all the services like water, sewer and electrical hook-ups.

You should also consider your budget guidelines to make your final purchasing decision. There are many payment terms offered by the banks and you can even buy extended warranty packages to further protect your investment.

Your next move would be to go to your local RV dealer, go through some RVs and sit down inside as you envision you and the family enjoying time together camping. Don’t leave without taking some brochures to help you with floor plan choices or the info needed to finalize your decision in regards to amenities, options or the towing capabilities of your truck or SUV. If you can attend an RV show or open house this will also increase your awareness of the types of RVs that are available.

When you’re ready, you can talk with a salesperson who will help you make the right purchase. It will only take one trip to know that your purchase has been justified and the investment is not only solid but well-deserved. The next trip won’t come soon enough.

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