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Get winterized

10 RV accessories that will help you prepare for the icy season


(1) Water pump winterize conversion kit: This kit will allow the owner to pump RV antifreeze into the system directly from the antifreeze container without removing the inlet line. It can then be switched back to the regular summer position to allow the pump to draw from the freshwater tank. The kit includes an adapter, hose and brass valve.

(2) Blow-out plugs: This device will allow the RV owner to remove the water from the system with compressed air pressure. Just thread the fitting into the city water inlet and attach an air supply line and open all the faucets and toilet valve until water is no longer visible. Don’t forget to run the water pump dry to ensure damage is not done during the winter in that the back-flow device in the pump head assembly will not allow the air to enter from the outlet side of the pump.

(3) Moisture remover container and crystals: This compact unit will guard your RV interior from mildew, dry rot, dampness and rust. The upper compartment of the container consists of grillwork permitting exposure of the crystals and the base of the container collects the water. Checking the unit and refilling it when required will ensure that you will get the best results during the storage season.

(4) RV air conditioner covers: This heavy duty vinyl cover will protect your air conditioner unit from exposure to the elements like UV rays. It will also keep dirt and leaves from entering the inside of the shroud. The draw cord allows for a tight and tailored fit and the covers are available for many models of air conditioners like Coleman, Duo-Therm and Carrier. Just remember to remove the cover in the spring to prevent damage to the air conditioner when operating.

(5) Plastic wheel covers: These wheel covers are constructed of UV stable ABS plastic with a scuff-resistant finish. They will provide protection to the tire sidewall from harmful UV rays and weather, which can cause cracks, splitting and dry rot. You should contact your tire supplier or the manufacturer to find out what pressures are advised for cold storage.

(6) Refrigerator door prop: This device will keep your fridge door open during storage to prevent mould build-up and eventual bad odours over the winter. The suction cups allow for easy set-up and a strong hold on the door. Add a box of baking soda for an improved storage procedure.

(7) Vent lid covers: Protect your RV from rain damage while allowing your existing roof vent to remain open. This durable UV resistant cover will enhance air flow when your RV is locked up. Some units are available with a snap bracket or hinge to allow for cleaning or OEM roof vent replacement access.

(8) Battery equalizer and revitalizer: A small amount of the solution added to each cell will mix with the existing electrolyte. The improved battery chemistry will dissolve existing sulfation and prevent deposits from forming. The batteries will charge faster, hold a charge longer and resist corrosion and gassing. Be careful and wear safety googles when working with batteries.

(9) Tank heater kit: This kit is easy to install using the tape on the back side of the pad, and it adheres very well to the tank. It will function on either 110 or 12 volts and is thermostatically controlled. The amp draw is minimal on 110 (one amp), but in the 12-volt mode the pad will require a much higher amp draw (10 amps) and should be used primarily while travelling down the highway.

(10) RV trailer coupler and fifth wheel pin locks:  These durable and corrosion free units will protect your RV from theft when left unattended. Some manufacturers will allow you to key match the coupler to your padlocks for added convenience. Check with your insurance provider to see if they are permitted when storing your RV in an enclosed storage facility.

Product price list:

* Pump conversion kit $25.95 www.valterra.com

* Water blow-out plugs $4.50 www.valterra.com

* Moisture remover and crystals $18.99 www.drizair.com

* RV air conditioner covers $39.95 www.classicaccessories.com

* Plastic wheel covers (sold in pairs) $79.95 www.icondirect.com

* Refrigerator door props $11.45

* Vent lid covers $53.99 www.maxxair.com

* Battery equalizer and revitalizer (500 ml) $43.95 www.batteryequalizer.com

* Tank heater kits $159.95 www.ultraheat.com

* Trailer and fifth-wheel locks $70.95 www.masterlock.com

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