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McDonald’s drive-thru in a tour bus, and other adventures

Ideas, advice and insight from some experienced RVers

Mike O'Connor (left) and Barry Vestby (right) convinced the tour bus driver to drive through an Alaskan McDonald's drive-thru and place an order.
Mike O'Connor (left) and Barry Vestby (right) convinced the tour bus driver to drive through an Alaskan McDonald's drive-thru and place an order. — Photo courtesy Mike and Therese O'Connor

Mike and Therese O'Connor from Castlegar, British Columbia, share their upcoming RV plans to head across the United States and Eastern Canada.

What RV model do you currently own?

A 2011 Tiffin Phaeton Diesel Pusher.

How do you plan your RV trips?

We use all of the tools available and the RVwest magazine has provided lots of great ideas, such as the rally in Hill Springs, Alberta.

What is a phrase you often say?

"Let’s go!"

What year did you begin your RV adventures?

In 1974 we made our first purchase and bought a pickup camper. We later upgraded to a Class C, then to a fifth wheel and now we have our second motorhome. However, we have camped most of our lives. 

Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone considering RVing?

Look long and hard at what you want to do and what type of RV best suits your needs. An RV that is too big or too small can ruin a holiday.

What are some of your all-time favourite books?

The most recent are Raising Kain and Living in the Shadow of Fisher Peak by Keith G. Powell. The author has a way of weaving you into the story.

What are some important lessons you have learned in life?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and always lend a helping hand.

Can you share a funny story from touring Alaska?

Mike O'Connor and Barry Vestby paid the tour bus driver $50 and he agreed to drive the tour bus through an Alaskan McDonald's drive-thru. We ordered 42 Big Macs, 42 large fries and 14 chocolate milkshakes. You should have seen the look on the girl's face who took our order. She didn't have a clue what to do with us, but we were all just joking around and had a great laugh over this.

How has RVing improved your quality of life?

It has made me more aware of what others around me are doing and has helped me look around the next bend in the road with great anticipation.

Where do you want to go next?

We are planning to go to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Yellowstone National Park is of great interest to us. Louisiana and Maine are two states in the U.S. that we will eventually travel to. The province of Prince Edward Island is part of Eastern Canada we have always wanted to venture out to explore.

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