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Full-Time RVing in Canada

A cover shot of Full-Time RVing in Canada featuring a photo of an RV and author's names.

Rae Crothers and Will Imanse, authors of Full-Time RVing in Canada, saw a shortage of Canadian-specific information on RVing, and decided to provide it. The resulting e-book is so chock full of helpful information that any RVer will find it useful.

Both full-timers themselves, Crothers and Imanse have researched every issue from voting to driving, and break it all down. They also start out with a look at the benefits of RVing, include surprising ones such as economic and environmental advantages.

All region-specific information is written for Canadians. A particularly helpful section is a chapter on health care that explains the standards by province. As most previously available sources were almost completely American based, Canadian travellers will be pleased with this option that also includes banking, taxes and licensing, among other issues.

Beyond legal concerns, Full-Time RVing in Canada offers lots of thorough coverage on other topics regarding living on the road. The authors share a wealth of experience about stocking a rig, communicating and various RV systems. Frequent photos provide visual help with identifying many of the topics covered.

A visit to the chapters page will offer a complete idea of everything covered. Each section is complete and comprehensive. PDF or e-book versions are available through the Full-Time RVing in Canada site. Visitors can also sign up for a free newsletter, a great source that covers current RVing-in-Canada topics.

Read more about Crothers' travels in our story, Miranda and Me.

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