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Discover the beauty and history of southwestern B.C.

Take a discovery tour along the West Coast with Liz Bryan

by Brittni Dale

Liz Bryan, the co-founder of the magazine Western Living, loves Canada's West Coast. Not only is she an entrepreneur, a photographer and a seasoned writer, but she is an avid traveller as well. In her new book, Country Roads of Western BC: From the Fraser Valley to the Islands, Bryan explores the history and culture of unique roads in southwestern British Columbia.

Filled with pictures and maps, the book proves to be a journey in itself. It provides history and up-to-date facts about a variety of locations—anything from mining camps to dairy pastures and markets. Bryan supplies the reader with facts about how to get to certain areas and specifics such as how long a particular ferry ride takes.

For those planning on taking a trip or those simply interested in the background of West Coast destinations, Country Roads of Western BC: From the Fraser Valley to the Islands is a must-have.


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