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Camping Washington

Staying in Washington by RV and tent

by Joni Krats

If you have ever unknowingly parked on private property, or reluctantly made do with a campsite that had no showers or picnic tables, this convenient guidebook will make your next trip more enjoyable.

Camping Washington by Ron C. Judd gives an at-a-glance overview of more than 500 campgrounds in the state of Washington. The book is organized by region, so you don’t have to flip too far if you are exploring the Cascade region, for example.

Each campground listing gives a star rating, tells how many RV and tent sites are available, with what kind of hook-ups, gives a phone number for reservations and a detailed description. Not only are you given practical information, but interesting history and details on plants and animals in the area.

Most pages have a black and white photo, and the book includes a colour photo section in the beginning.

The index is helpful if you come across a place and want to read up on it before you check in—or if you are visiting an attraction and want to find a place to camp nearby.

There is also an index that lists by rating, so that if you want to enjoy the best of camping every day—or you want to stick to a budget, the information you need is at a glance.

Now you can focus on the fun activities, natural wonders and attractions in one of America’s most wild and beautiful states.

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