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Tips for RVing full-time with your spouse

Making it meaningful

by submitted by Ray Burr
Tourists at Acadia National Park
Ray Burr and Anne McKinnell exploring Acadia National Park. — Photo courtesy Ray Burr

Anne and I have been together over 9 years and lived full-time in an RV for 2 years now.  Thankfully we are very compatible and have grown even closer while RVing. We manage to cohabit in 180 square feet living space. How do we manage it without killing each other? Here are some tips.

Test out the Lifestyle

Just because you are terrific together in a regular sticks and bricks house in no way means your happy happy in an RV. Best advice is to rent or borrow an RV and travel for a few weeks and see how it works out. Anne and I took my camper van on several trips of 2-4 weeks and got along good. We knew at that point if we were OK in a small camper van then we would be great together in a 30 foot fifth wheel.

Division of Labor

When RVing there are many chores and mundane day-to-day tasks needing to be done. Try and sort out who is responsible for what. When each person has a clear idea of their responsibilities the smoother things will go. Some couples like to refer to these as pink and blue jobs, with more dirty outside tasks like sewer dumping being an example of a blue job and washing the bedding and sheets being pink.


Living in an RV means coping with restricted cupboard and fridge space. We spit up the space into combined and separate areas for each of us to have their own foods. Also I do the bulk of the cooking, this is helpful when it comes to organizing and purchasing the groceries.

Personal Space

Since space is such an issue in an RV it is very important for you to have some personal space.  We assign different drawer, cupboards and closets to each other along with some common areas. We also have separate areas for using our computers. It’s good even in a small space over all to still have a little area for yourself.

Noise and Movement

Two things that can drive the other spouse crazy! Because the small area, any type of noise is magnified and you need to be very considerate of the other person. IE. When Anne is writing she likes quiet so if watching TV I use headphones. The RV being on wheels and springs is prone to shaking as you move around, so we respect if each other is trying to sleep and reduce our movements in the rig.

Away Time

Occupying the same space 24/7 can be taxing on a relationship so plan to give each other some time to be off on their own. Even if its only a trip by yourself shopping for supplies, to the pool or getting the oil changed on the truck, a little away time is beneficial.

Don’t Stay Angry

We get angry with each other from time to time but the trick is to resolve the issue quickly. It’s one nice thing about the tight quarters, it forces you to talk it out and settle a disagreement. There is no place to run and hide. Nip it in the bud and don’t let things fester.

Do Nothing Day

Just because you’re traveling and having the time of your life doesn’t mean you don’t need a break once in a while. Every few weeks we have ourselves a do nothing day and just chill out with no plans or chores. This  helps reduce the stress that can come from being on the go so much and helps us get along a little better.

Happy Hour!

Each day at around 4-5 pm we sit down, usually outside and discuss the days events and our plans for the coming ones. This is a great way to relax and stay on page with each other.

There are a few Tips for RVing Fulltime with your spouse. We have made it work for 2 years now and love each other even more. It’s a great lifestyle where you share so many adventures. It’s the sharing of the adventures that make them meaningful.

Contributed by Ray Burr  

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