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Enjoy hassle-free hauling with the help of Canada’s top RV transport companies

These are the experts who can safely move your RV anywhere in Canada

by Danielle Brost
RVs being transported
These companies can get your RV safely delivered where it needs to go. — Photo courtesy Wylie's RV Logistics

Embarking on a journey across Canada or simply seeking a seamless way to relocate your cherished RV? Look no further. This list delves into some of the top RV transport companies in Canada, dedicated to effortlessly moving your home-on-wheels from point A to B. Whether you're planning a cross-country adventure, need to transport your RV to a new campsite, or are facilitating a sale, these trusted companies ensure your valuable investment is in reliable hands, offering peace of mind and convenience with every move.

- Photo courtesy Red Foot Haulers 

Red Foot Haulers 

Red Foot Haulers will transport RVs anywhere in Canada. They offer three different options: Tow-away, loaded on a trailer, or drive-away service.

They also perform a full safety check before transporting the unit.

- Photo courtesy Trailer Transport Canada

Trailer Transport Canada  

Trailer Transport Canada operates with drivers stationed in various Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina.

They specialize in moving a range of items, such as fifth-wheel RVs, travel trailers, boat and trailer combos, gooseneck trailers and more. 

- Photo courtesy Toy Movers Logistics Inc.

Toy Movers Logistics Inc.

Toy Movers Logistics Inc. (TML) is a Canadian-owned company. TML was founded in 2010 with the goal of facilitating the transportation of tow-away RVs on behalf of RV dealers and manufacturers.

They serve customers all across Canada and the USA.

- Photo courtesy MVS Canada

MVS Canada

For every adventure you plan, the reliable transporters at MVS Canada are here to assist you in relocating your personal haven, whether it's from storage to your campsite, between buyers and sellers, or across the country.

- Photo courtesy Wylie's RV Logistics

Wylie's RV Logistics

Wylie's RV Logistics is a family-run company with drivers licensed to transport your RV units in both the USA and Canada.

They offer direct express service, bringing the RV straight to your lot. They can ship multiple RVs at a time if needed, and invoice in either Canadian or US funds. 

- Photo courtesy Select Classic Carriers

Select Classic Carriers

Select Classic Carriers is one of Canada’s most prominent RV hauling companies.

They have been hauling RVs across Canada and the US since 1995. They also transport automobiles and other freight.

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