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Keith and Sheila Webster have learned a thing or two about RVing

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Keith and Sheila Webster enjoy Cavendish Beach on P.E.I. on one of their trips. — Photo courtesy Sheila Webster

For most of us who live the RV lifestyle, our dream was sparked by going on camping holidays. It was work in road construction, however, that first got Keith and Sheila Webster interested in RVing. Fifteen years later, they’ve managed to make a natural transition. Now the Websters' RV is genuinely their home away from home. Sheila keeps a blog that is aptly titled We Love RVing. They have been known to say that they plan to continue “for as long as the camera works and all those wheels keep turning.”

The couple's wheels of choice belong to a 30-foot Jayco fifth wheel that they pull behind a Ford truck. The Websters have found that taking their hotel room with them offers an abundance of benefits. They can cook for themselves, sleep in their own bed and bring their dog along.

“We have satellite TV so we can keep up with the news back home and around the country,” said Sheila. “We’ve installed a fireplace that makes it nice and cozy on cool evenings, plus a desk for my computer and Wi-Fi, where I can write my blog and share the photos I take. What more could we ask for?”

Travelling far and wide

Originally from Kamloops, B.C., the Websters gladly point out that it’s a great place to come home to.

“We have the best of both worlds—rural and city living with all the great things that come with that,” said Sheila, adding that she enjoys photographing her backyard as much as the places the road leads them.

And the road has led the Websters far and wide. They do head out on snowbirding trips, but they have also gone on excursions across both Canada and the United States. In fact, they have explored every Canadian province except Newfoundland—a treat they have left to discover.

Despite acknowledging all the great sights across Canada, the Websters admit that B.C. is still where all their favourite destinations are. This could, of course, be a biased opinion—they have travelled here more than anywhere else over the years, thanks to Keith's job. However, the couple agree that they do enjoy the scenery of British Columbia.

When asked about the challenges of RVing, the Websters admit that the challenges don’t even start to compete with the benefits. The one thing they did mention was the smaller size of older RV parks and campgrounds; since newer motorhomes are often larger, navigating the roadways in older parks is sometimes a bit difficult.

One important piece of advice the Websters wanted to share is that RVers should be sure to have all insurance regulations covered.

“Large RVs, like our fifth wheel, require a special licence to drive for insurance purposes in B.C.,” said Sheila. “Make sure you are covered. Many RVers of today are not aware of this, so we feel this would be the best advice to pass on.”

Life is never boring 

Though they have travelled extensively, the Websters haven’t yet fallen into a predictable routine. Their longest trip took eight months and covered 48,000 kilometres, but the couple said the time frame generally depends on the purpose and destination of each particular trip. They do also take time to travel beyond their RV, but always return to the comfort and adventure of their home on wheels.

“It is a wonderful lifestyle and an amazing way to see the country and make new friends,” said Sheila. “The friendliest people are the RVers.”

The Websters show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Their mindset is perfect for the lifestyle they’ve embraced.

“We truly do enjoy the wonders of the world we live in,” said Sheila. “The fact that we have the opportunity to enjoy many of those is incredible—every day is a favourite.” 

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