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First timers

Herb Lane and Marie Wirth are spending their first month of RVing in B.C.

by Kali Love

Herb Lane, Marie Wirth and their two dogs, Cookie and Oreo, have been in B.C. for almost a month and have enjoyed their first RV trip immensely. From Williams Lake and Cache Creek to Quesnel and now Cranbrook, Wirth and Lane have had an amazing month.

Is this your first time in B.C.?

Herb: I was up to Cold Lake, Alberta, with the military, but years and years ago. They have a military base up there but I am out of the military now—they booted me out because I am too damn good looking.  

Where are you from?

Boise, Idaho.

What inspired you to go RVing?

Marie: He (Herb) retired in January and I retired in November. We bought our motorhome and we love it and our puppies love it. We are just out exploring, B.C. has some amazing provincial parks.

How long have you been on this trip?

We left Boise on June 21 and our puppies only have a visa for 30 days. So they have to be back in Idaho soon because that is all they are able to be out.

What kind of RV do you own?

This is a Class A Newmar Mountaineer 2000. We pull our Ford Explorer behind, which is one of the few of the Ford products that you are able to pull with all four wheels down. We have had fun with the kilometres and learning your money, and we would come back to Canada for sure.

Do you have plans for your next RV trip?

Maybe in the summer we will be back but when it snows we will head to Arizona.

Do you have any tips for other RVers?

I think we could almost become full timers. You have to watch your pennies and thank goodness for RV parks that are not expensive and places that have Wal-Mart.

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