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Congratulations to John Butterly

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by Kimberly Shellborn
A lighthouse on the edge of a rock jutting out into the coast near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  There is a black stormy sky, with one opening in the clouds showing light.
A lighthouse sits in front of a dramatic sky near Rockaway Beach, Oregon — John Butterly photo

Congratulations to John Butterly of Portland, Oregon, our April 2015 photo contest winner.

Butterly and his wife are off in their Keystone Montana fifth-wheel for much of the summer. They have been up and down the Oregon coast and seem to know every cove and scenic spot to stop. They also take trips farther away from home a few times a year.

This winning photo that won Butterly four Rockin River Music Festival tickets and RV camping was taken near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Rockin River Music Festival would like to thank everyone who entered to win the two full event passes to this years festival. For more opportunities to win tickets please follow  the Rockin River Facebook page

If you have a photo from your travels, be sure to send it to us. This month you will be entered to win a portable travel grill by TravelQ.

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