Successful grilling on the go

Grill anytime, anywhere with TravelQ

by Kimberly Shellborn
A young man walking through a park pulling a red TravelQ grill with him.
Life isn't stationary, so take your grill with you. — Photo courtesy Napoleon

This portable travel grill has everything you need for grilling on the go. 

TravelQ has a scissor cart that allows you take your grill on a picnic, set it up at any camp or take with you in any RV. It folds up compactly for easy storage, but sets up in seconds, ready for any grilling opportunity. The cart features spacious side shelves to give you plenty of preparation space. The shelves include a towel and tool holder.

The grill has 12,000 BTUs of power easily provided by a 1.2 pound propane tank, or you can hook it up to a full-sized tank with an optional conversion hose. The TravelQ has 285 square inches of grilling area. That means you can cook up to 20 hamburgers at once, and not little wimpy ones, either!

The porcelainized cast iron cooking grids are just like your favorite cast iron pan. When properly seasoned, they create a perfect non-stick surface for all kinds of grilling. With Napoleon’s TravelQ you can sear a perfect steak over direct heat, roast or bake using indirect heat and even smoke foods using the Napoleon Smoker Tube.

Sold in Canada. Go to to find more information and a store near you.

TravelQ at a glance:

  • 12,000 BTUs
  • Two burners
  • 285 square inches total cooking area
  • Folding scissor cart
  • Height 37.25 inches
  • Depth 20.25 inches
  • Width 44.25 inches

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