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RV etiquette or common courtesy?

Carol Ann Quibell shares observations on considerate RVing

RV in traffic
RVers need to be courteous to others on the road. — KPI File photo

Is it okay for an RV travelling well below the posted speed limit to force 35 or more vehicles to follow it? How about if you and your friends are enjoying a loud and raucous sing-along while seated around a crackling fire during the early hours of the morning? Do you let your diesel truck sit idling for an extended period of time? Do you use the sani-dump for washing your vehicle or just dumping your holding tanks? Do you let your “friendly” dog run loose and visit other campers? Do you pick up after Fido? I could probably add quite a few more questions but I think you probably get the idea. What is RV etiquette?

For the most part I have found RVers to be friendly, helpful and caring people and am glad to be considered one of them. However, there is always someone who has to spoil it for everyone else.

Dry camping in Banff

The term dry camping is usually thought to mean camping without services, but today it means something totally different in the campgrounds near Banff, Alberta. Watching the news at the beginning of the May long weekend I saw the local Banff police stopping campers as they entered the park and advising them of the new restriction on alcohol in the campgrounds.

Many campgrounds no longer allow pets, which can be really frustrating to someone who has a family pet who enjoys camping too.

Traffic fines

Last week I overheard a man angrily tell his friends that he had received a traffic ticket and huge fine because he had held up traffic while travelling in the interior of B.C. What he neglected to disclose was that there were more than 35 cars creeping along behind him way below the speed limit and without the ability of passing. He also neglected to mention he could have pulled over a number of times, let everyone go by and then could have continued on his leisurely scenic drive. I am glad I wasn’t one of those frustrated drivers following him.

Regrettably there is always a reason why we can no longer bring our pets with us or appreciate a glass of wine or a beer while enjoying the heat of a campfire. There wouldn’t have to be traffic laws for inconsiderate drivers if there weren’t people who ruin it for everyone else.

Fortunately, this inconsiderate behaviour is in the minority. However, we must all be diligent in our attitudes so we aren’t all painted with the same brush. Camping season has just started and many people are looking forward to their vacation in local campgrounds. With planning and thought, our journey to and from—as well as our camping experience—will be successful and memorable.

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