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Favourite RV gadgets and accessories

From squeegees to satellite TV

A shower squeegee can stop moisture damage in the RV. — Carol Ann Quibell photo

There is something about RV gadgets and accessories that seems to appeal to most of us, especially if they make our lives easier or safer. I asked a number of RVers for their recommendations and below are listed some that were passed on to me.

Cooking and cleaning

  • Shower squeegee: Moisture may cause problems in an RV if it isn’t controlled and one source of moisture may be caused by the use of the shower and allowing the water to remain on the walls and floor of the shower stall. By using this very simple little gadget in the shower and by scraping the moisture down the walls and into the drain puts the water where it belongs: in the gray water tank. I have been told that by using a couple of damp dryer sheets keeps the soap scum from building up on the shower walls.
  • Slow cooker liners: Made by Reynolds Wrap, they come in different sizes and fit inside the slow cooker. Put all of the ingredients into the wrap within the slow cooker and when done remove the food and throw away the liner. 
  • Tortilla warmer: Microwaves can make cooking easier, with fewer pots and less mess to clean up. Nita Thompson wrote to me about some utensils she purchased at microwaveconnect.com/ that she absolutely loves. “My favourite item is the tortilla warmer, but no one uses it for that,” she said. “I use them to cook baked potatoes faster and they come out moist as if they were baked in a regular oven.” The gadget can also be used to heat up plates of dinner and for keeping it warm before serving.
  • Portable grill: Sheila Topham said, “I like having my portable grill to cook over a campfire. It has a metal pole you pound into the ground and two grates you slide over it and swivel. Bad explanation, but it worked great!”


  • It can get very expensive in a laundromat, so if all the clothes can be put in one load the costs aren’t as bad. By using Shout Color Catchers during the wash cycle, all types of clothes can be washed together in one machine. It catches any color runs and whites stay white and your pink shirt stays pink. At $3 per load the costs can add up, and anything that can be done to reduce them is usually appreciated. Nita said, “Use the Color Catcher with the whites, I dare ya—I did and it worked.”
  • A stain remover bar called Simply Clean can usually be found in a Bulk Barn, in brown wrap or not wrapped at all. It will get out anything! Two-year-old chocolate on a kid’s sweater—gone; spaghetti stain—gone. Simply wet the article, rub the bar over and work the stain and then rinse. Sometimes you may have to repeat but most times not. Hang to dry and the stain is gone. 


  • Slide out corner guards: I think almost everyone at one time or another has banged their head on the edge of a slide out when they are attempting to get something from underneath their coach.  Corner guards provide a softer edge and are really inexpensive.
  • Fire extinguisher: Not only should you have a minimum of one fire extinguisher in your RV, but you should make sure it is current and usable. No one wants to reach for an extinguisher that no longer works.

Personal preferences

  • Gordon and Judy said they can’t be without their satellite TV and Gordon’s portable MP3 player. They also appreciate travelling in the motorhome with all of their electric appliances, because it’s like being at home.
  • Mike doesn’t want to be without his electric fly swatter.
  • Doug:  “We like our fire pit. We took a 30-pound propane bottle, cut it in half, and made three legs that have cotter pins for easy removal and storage. I cut some animal designs on the sides of the tank (looks cool when there is a fire in it at night). There are lots of places we have been in Arizona that only allow a contained fire, so it comes in handy.”

Everyone has their favourite items they take along with them, whether it is for convenience, to save money or just to be more comfortable. The above are just a small number of RV accessories or gadgets recommended by RVers I know and I’m sure there are hundreds more helpful items out there—I just haven’t found them yet.

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