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The new five-layer golf ball

Taylor Made is ready to compete with its latest golf ball design

New Taylor Made TP5 Series Golf Ball.  Photo courtesy of Taylor Made Golf
The new Taylor Made TP5 Series golf ball. — Photo courtesy Taylor Made Golf

When Titleist came out with the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x, other companies set out to produce their own high performance golf balls.

The trend, however, has been towards softer golf balls. Some examples are Callaway Crome Soft, Wilson Staff Soft, Srixon Soft Feel and Taylor Made Project [a].

Over ten years Taylor Made researched and perfected the TP5 and TP5x [Tour Preferred], which are pro caliber golf balls. Golfers such as Rory Mcllroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Sergio Garcia quickly endorsed these new golf balls. Taylor Made was now ready to compete with the Titleist Pro V1 Series.

Variety in design

All golf ball companies sell a variety of one to four layer golf balls. One layer golf balls are those found at a driving range and are not suitable on a golf course. Two piece golf balls are largely used by recreational or weekend golfers because they are durable, affordable and hard enough to produce distance. The drawback, however, is that they are not very good around greens.

The two piece ball has a synthetic rubber inner core and a surlyn or urethane dimpled outer layer. Some examples include, Callaway Warbird, Taylor Made Burner and Titleist DT-2.

The three and four layer golf balls are better quality and include, Bridgestone e6, Nike Hyper Flight, Srixon Q-Star and Titleist ProV1.

Five-layer golf balls

The purpose of five layers is to increase distance and control from tee to green. The ultimate objective is to produce a ball that lowers score. The five layer ball has attempted to be the best ball on the market because of its unique composition.

Tri-Fast Core

Compression numbers refers to how much the core will compress or flatten when it is hit. The core has a compression around 40. There are two levels of urethane wrapped around the rubber core, making the Tri-Fast Core.

Each level has a different compression from 16 to 23. When the ball is hit, the progressive compression develops maximum energy that generates greater speed, spin and distance.

Dual spin cover

The exterior of the ball has two layers. The first layer of the TP5, made of urethane, is super soft and has a compression of 24 to 35. The 322 dimples provide stability, accuracy and is aerodynamic in flight.

The second layer is semi-rigid with a compression of 44. The compression numbers for the TP5x range from 25 to 55. The result of these low compressions is that the ball feels soft for control with the outer surface sinking into the grooves on the club face. The difference in compression between the two outer layers produces spin and distance.

The two TP5 balls have a high ball flight with less spin and producing greater speed and distance.

Taylor Made ads on the five layer golf ball are frequently seen on the Golf Channel/PGA Tournaments. The TP5 golf balls have a total compression of 83 while the TP5x has a compression of 90. These golf balls are designed for professionals, especially the TP5x, but the TP5 ball is soft enough for recreational golfers because of its low compression.

Quality does not come cheap, with a dozen balls costing $59.99 Canadian, but expect some changes off the tee and with your wedges.

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