LED lights

An architectural LED lighting system by Eco Innovative Illumination can provide all your lighting needs

by Lisa Crane
Lighting system
This is an LED lighting system by Eco Innovative Illumination. — Photo courtesy Eco Innovative Illumination

An architectural LED lighting system by Eco Innovative Illumination is the answer for all your lighting needs. Instead of using all that energy you would require with traditional lighting, choose an economical alternative.

Eco Innovative Illumination's 12-volt system is adaptable and manufactured using the highest quality PVC and polycarbonate materials. The system provides permanent, maintenance-free lighting indoors and outdoors. The lighting, directed by a remote control, offers 50,000 to 100,000 hours of life. The waterproof LEDs are encased in a UV-stable, impact-resistant PVC moulding and polycarbonate lens. The remote allows for colour changes or white light, and the applications are endless.

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