Cover for seven-way plug

Keep things clean and dry

by Kim Shellborn
trailer plug cover
This new product by Fastway protects your seven-pin trailer plug. — photo courtesy Fastway Trailer Products

Fastway Trailer Products introduces the tethered seven-way trailer plug cover, a fast and easy way to keep dirt, bugs and corrosion out of a seven-pin wiring harness. Unlike standard plug covers that may get lost, this simple plug cover conveniently stays tethered to the seven-way plug while towing. The 7-Way Trailer Plug Cover is right there ready to use when it’s time to park the trailer.

“This handy product reduces the maintenance costs associated with replacing a seven-pin trailer plug,” said Rich Elliot of Fastway. “It’s a fast and easy way to protect that connection.”

The new Fastway 7-Way Trailer Plug Cover is currently available through dealerships serving the towing industry throughout the United States and Canada or you can purchase it online

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