Another one bites the dust

The Broomy combines a broom and dustpan in one convenient package

by Virginia Rasch
A photo the broomy broom and dushtpan at full-size.
The full-size broom and dustpan folds down to a single compact unit. — Photo courtesy Viatek

The full-size broom and dustpan folds down to a single compact unit.

The broomy from Viatek is a full-size broom and dustpan that folds down to a single compact unit. Telescoping handles on both the broom and the dustpan can be pulled out to varying lengths for convenience. And these built-in handles make the broomy even more portable.

Because storage space is at a premium when RVing, this handy little broom and dustpan can be easily stored almost anywhere. Set it next to your row of books on a shelf or put it in a shallow drawer.

Visit to order.

Product Details

Price: $19.95

Weight: 48 ounces

Colours: silver or red

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