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Avocado mango salsa

There are a million different ways to enjoy this healthy twist on salsa

by News Canada
Salsa in a bowl
Healthy and delicious, this salsa is sure to be a big hit. — Photo courtesy News Canada

(NC)—The mango adds a sweet and lively twist to this spicy salsa. Delicious with chicken or fish, or on its own with soft corn tortillas.


2 ripe avocados from Mexico, peeled, pitted and diced 2

1 ripe mango, peeled and diced

1 cup diced tomato (250 mL)

1/4 cup chopped cilantro (50 mL)

2 tbsp chopped red onion (30 mL)

1 tbsp minced jalapeño pepper (15 mL)

1 tsp minced garlic (5 mL)

1/2 tsp salt (2 mL)

1/8 tsp ground black pepper (0.5 mL)

1 tbsp lime juice (15 mL)

1 tbsp olive oil (15 mL)


In bowl, combine avocados, mango, tomato, cilantro, onion, jalapeño, garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice and olive oil; toss gently. Serve, if desired, with sliced veggies and chips, in a stemmed glass with shrimp or with grilled chicken or fish.

Yield: 3 cups

Source: www.missavacado.com

- News Canada (www.newscanada.com)

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