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A grill for all seasons

Whatever the season, grilling is always an option

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Man holding a barbecued hot dog on a stick
Die-hard grilling fanatics don't care about the temperature outside. — Photo courtesy www.newscanada.com

(NC)—We all know the guy that just can't walk away from the grill. It doesn't matter if it is cold and snowing or hot and sunny, this guy loves to grill!

This fall/winter season Rickard's wants to help boost your “get up and grill” with the following tips from Chef Brian Misko, grill expert of the award winning, Vancouver-based, House of Q.

• Look above and below: Make sure your grill area is safe by using a shelter to keep snow and rain off of your cooking space. Ensure you keep the ground clear of ice and snow so you can safely get to and from your grill.

• Insulation: Lower priced grills will struggle to keep up with the demand for heat especially in cooler temperatures while better ones will be able to keep the heat in. Ceramic charcoal grills are the most fuel-efficient and ideal for year-round grilling with great flavor.

• Patience is a virtue: Robust flavours and the right amount of doneness are only achieved by cooking longer over lower heat. Take your time and you will be rewarded.

• The key to the perfect grill: A thermometer is essential for grilling meats. The only way to know if the meat is grilled to your liking is by temperature – get an instant read digital thermometer and use it!

• No peeking: Good cooks learn to control the heat and keeping the lid closed is a good start, especially during the colder months. Think of the saying, “if you're lookin', you ain't cookin".

You can find more cold weather grilling recipes at: www.facebook.com/RickardsCanada.


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