There’s plenty of fun for families in the beautiful Creston Valley

Take the time to visit the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, head out to explore a farm or try your luck at fishing

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Experience a summer evening in the beautiful Creston Valley. — Jennifer Oehler/

When your family is loading up the RV this summer, throw in your fishing rods, hiking boots and everyone’s bikes—especially if you are heading to the beautiful town of Creston in southeastern British Columbia. With a designated wildlife area to explore, fish to catch, and museums and murals to see, there won’t be a lack of things to do in Creston. It will be more about finding the time to see everything.

Step into the past

Reasonable entrance fees to the Creston Museum make it possible for families to enjoy browsing the displays and artifacts of the colourful history Creston is known for. The railway was an important component to the development and growth of this valley and a model of the Canadian Pacific Railway as it travelled through the valley is on display at the museum.

Creston Valley farm tours

Exploring the area’s farms will lead visitors to a cheese maker, wineries, a cherry farm, a dairy farm, berry farms where you can pick your own fruit, and a pickle patch. Maps are available at Creston's visitor information centre.

Wildlife interpretive centre

Take the time to visit the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area if you are in Creston. The first stop must be the Wildlife Interpretation Centre, where you can view educational displays and where kids especially will enjoy the hands-on science lab. Pick up maps for the trails here and sign up for a one-hour guided canoe trip to paddle through the wetlands—you might spot a moose, turtles, ducks or a rare northern leopard frog. The walking tours led by naturalists are reasonably priced and are a wonderful way for everyone to learn more about the wildlife and vegetation in the area.

The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, open from May to October, offers something of interest to almost everyone, especially children who have never had an opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat. With over 300 species of birds, 29 types of fish, reptiles and amphibians, and 57 species of mammals, this beautiful area provides the perfect opportunity for learning more about nature.

Cruise with your bikes along the easy-to-manoeuvre flat-topped dike trails, ideal for exploring and gaining access to areas the animals call home. Take advantage of the multi-level viewing towers to see the ponds and many animals not normally spotted when on the ground. Make a game out of locating as many of the 300 different birds as you can or see if any moose, elk, muskrat or bears can be found. The ponds are home to painted turtles, river otters and leopard frogs. There are many trails to choose from and they can easily be walked in 20 minutes to three hours, depending on the trail.

Fish for your dinner

The sparkling waters in the lakes and rivers of the Creston Valley are ideal for fishing enthusiasts of all levels. Children will enjoy having the opportunity to learn how to cast their lines out, and there may even be fresh trout for dinner. Visit the Government Agent office in Creston to get maps and information on the fishing regulations, or take advantage of the services of a local guide who really does know where to get the best fish.

With the many beautiful lakes, rivers and campgrounds, RVers travelling with children will find lots to do and see in Creston, whether it is exploring the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area or viewing the pretty murals on the buildings downtown. Remember to bring your outdoor recreational gear, because you will need it to enjoy Creston to the fullest.

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