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Azziza the camel looking down her nose at the camera

If you’ve never been lovingly slimed by a 1,200-pound camel, you are truly missing out

The Camel Farm in Yuma, Arizona, takes you on a journey outside of the U.S. to the sun-scorched Sahara desert where visitors befriend camels, zedonks, coatimundis, water buffalo and other exotic animals. 

by Jena Jones
A gray hawk perched on a dead tree
Casa Grande

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is where your wild side comes face to face with wildlife

Fall in love with young ocelots that rest their sleepy heads on rocky ledges, watch Harris hawks swoop down and graze the top of your head, and come face to face with an inquisitive mountain
lion at the Desert Museum.

by Jena Jones
Sedona Golf Resort. Hole #10, Par 3. Photo
Central Arizona

Five favourite golf courses in Arizona

Dennis Begin writes his top five picks of Arizona golf courses.

Photo courtesy Denis Begin

Tucson will tantalize your tastebuds

Try out these top-rated restaurants and find out why Tucson is a foodie favourite.

Camp Verde is a top RV destination.
Camp Verde

Top places to eat and drink in Camp Verde

RVing in Camp Verde is a treat, and the local restaurants are inviting you to grab a bite during your stay.

Chef Rusconi’s menu is ever-changing and reflective of the season.

From Chicago busboy to culinary mastermind of the Southwest

From mimicking “The Galloping Gourmet” in Kindergarten, to a number one restaurant and award winning culinary creations; Rusconi’s American Kitchen in Phoenix, AZ is a labor of love and a lifetime of passion for Chef Michael Rusconi.

by Jena Jones
Restored workers' cottages at the Swansea ghost town
West Coast Arizona

An adventure back in time

The Swansea ghost town hosts a plethora of rich history, numerous structures and an interpretive self-guided tour.

by Jena Jones
The Mesa Arts Center is a unique, architecturally stunning facility located in the heart of downtown Mesa offering visual and performing art classes for visitors.

Mesa is a feast for the eyes and mind

Visitors can take an art or craft class, visit a museum or learn to cook healthy food in vibrant Mesa, Arizona.

by Karen Kornelsen
A group of students painting while a teacher is shown giving individual instruction to one of the students.

Phoenix is a hub of educational tourism

Painting, pottery and cooking classes are all available for snowbirds in Phoenix, Arizona.

A streetscape of an Old Western town with a  large yellow hotel

Old Tucson Studios features Hollywood magic in the Old Western genre

Old Tucson Studios will entertain your family with movie nostalgia

by Jena Jones

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