Where the locals eat in Vanderhoof

The Log Cabin is a landmark as well as a favourite place to eat


The Log Cabin is what the locals call it, but officially it`s the North Country Inn, a family-run restaurant in Vanderhoof, a small community west of Prince George in the interior of B.C.  Built out of huge log timbers, the impressive building has become a landmark in the town as well as a favourite place to eat.  The interior log walls are warm and inviting and the majestic rock fireplace helps create a cozy atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to retreat to on a cold winter day, where the blazing fire spreads its warmth through the room as you savour a steaming bowl of Hungarian Goulash Soup.

“We have nice and hearty German food,” said Doris Borek, one of the owners. Her parents, the Edels, started the restaurant. “It’s family-style dining with homemade burgers, a wonderful big salad bar and a good choice of both European and Canadian food.” 

The menu

A special seniors and children’s menu offers an excellent selection of tasty meals at a size everyone can all enjoy. 

“We have daily specials for both lunch and dinner and we are really popular with bus tours,” said Borek. 

Starting the day off right with a great big breakfast of farm-fresh eggs, bacon, ham or sausage and hash browns or a delicious German farmer omelet will sustain you until you return in the evening for a mouth-watering Jaeger Schnitzel or a sirloin steak and prawns. It will be hard to choose with so many terrific things on the menu.

Family history

The Edel family had the log structure built in 1984 to offer both good quality European and Canadian food to the people in the area. It’s obviously been a success because they are still there and in 1995 they started building their motel. 

“The reason we did this,” said Borek, “was because our restaurant guests were continuously asking where there was a good place to stay in town.” 
The building of the motel was an evolution, as they gradually built a few rooms until over the years they expanded into a fully-fledged motel with 40 rooms.

North Country Inn is an important part of the Edel family history and the history of Vanderhoof also plays an important role. Doris Borek’s office is actually the original home of Herbert Vanderhoof, who the town was named after. Mr. Vanderhoof planned on making the town into a creative retreat, but the surroundings were more suited to ranching and logging and both industries are now predominant in the area and the reason why the the Log Cabin was constructed out of logs.

RV tips

RVers to the area can camp in the really nice municipal campground right in town, with a bird sanctuary along the banks of the Nechako River.

It’s always nice to know where the locals favourite restaurants are and in Vanderhoof it’s obvious that the North Country Inn is one of the best. The Log Cabin is a family-friendly restaurant in a welcoming community and should definitely be the place to dine when in the area. 

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