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Angler’s Atlas and the Camping & RVing BC Coalition have teamed up to help anglers

Working with Camping and RV in BC, the Angler's Atlas website has matched nearby campgrounds with fishing destinations.
Working with Camping and RV in BC, the Angler's Atlas website has matched nearby campgrounds with fishing destinations. — Photo courtesy Camping and RVing British Columbia Coalition

A new Camping BC tab has been added to the Angler's Atlas website.

Whether you’re looking to park your RV or pitch a tent, there are thousands of campsites close to fishing lakes to choose from. It’s the most affordable way to outsmart the fish and enjoy a one-of-a-kind stay in nature.

Now Northern BC Anglers can find camping information tied to their fishing lake of choice for:

  • Private Campgrounds & RV Parks
  • Provincial Parks
  • Recreational Sites

Sean Simmons, President, Angler's Atlas, elaborates: "Angler's Atlas caters to people who love to fish by giving them free fishing maps. Working with Camping and RV in BC, we've matched nearby campgrounds with our fishing destinations. We know anglers also love camping, so let's make it easier for them to plan their trip."

Joss Penny, Chair, Camping and RVing BC Coalition explained the partnership: “British Columbia is considered a lake fishing paradise and our studies show how many campers’ fish. There are thousands of lakes scattered across the province and Anglers Atlas focuses on those that are accessible to the majority of anglers — that's why teaming up with camping to find a place to stay near lakes makes sense”

This is a three-year program to help integrate camping and fishing information. This first phase focuses on camping in Northern BC, targeting underutilized campgrounds. Over the next few years the partnership will expand that coverage for all campgrounds across BC.

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