RV Snapshots

“Our lives have been enriched by RVing”

It all started back in 1967 when they decided to buy a camper.

Alex and Irene Onody posing in front of their 2001 Citation Supreme RV.
Alex and Irene Onody posing in front of their 2001 Citation Supreme RV. — Photo courtesy Alex and Irene Onody

What year did you begin your RV adventures?

In 1967, we bought a camper for our truck, but up until that point we did a lot of camping in a tent. A camper allows for greater protection from the elements. Not having to set up everything when you arrive at your destination certainly has its advantages.

Where was the first place you travelled with your RV?

Montreal, Quebec, for Expo ‘67. From there we travelled to Cleveland, Ohio, Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What RV model do you own?

We own a 2001 Citation Supreme. It is 32 feet in length and has two slide-outs.

What do you like about RVing?

RVing at campgrounds presents the opportunity to visit with fellow RV travellers simply because a person is always out and about. RVers tend to compare units, share ideas and stories about where they have have been, where they plan to venture off to next and where they are from. This kind of situation does not present itself when you stay overnight in motels, as people tend to go their own way.

Are there certain destinations you both are very fond of? Why?

We are very fond of most of the places we visit but I think one of the best is The Great Canadian Barn Dance located in Hillspring, Alberta. It is so nice there with the beautiful view of the mountains. It is quiet and relaxing. The entertainment that is offered at The Great Canadian Barn Dance is second to none.

We also like spending time in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and Newport Coast, California, because our children and grandchildren live there.

Another great spot we enjoy travelling to is Arizona.

Is there any advice you'd like to offer anyone considering RVing?

Go for it! You will love it even if it isn’t for long periods of time. Short jaunts or weekends can be most satisfying. Gathering together some friends that have RVs and going on an adventure for a few days can be lots of fun. Music festivals or heritage days events can be quite entertaining and worthwhile.

How has RVing improved your quality of life?

Our lives have been so enriched by the wonderful people we have met while RVing.

Are there certain destinations you have not traveled to yet that you would like to experience? Why?

We would love to experience Alaska and see the scenery. At this point in time we would not travel to Alaska alone. We would consider travelling in a caravan with other travellers for the companionship and safety.

We would like to travel to Nashville, Tennessee, and Branson, Missouri, to see the shows and entertainers, since we hear so much about these places providing exceptional performances. 

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