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An RV called home

This couple may chase the sunshine, but their RV is home

A woman sits on the steps leading into her white and black RV. A water dispenser is beside the entrance.
Janel Parkin has found that living in an RV offers challenges, but a good life. — Kristen Mitchell photo

For Janel and Jack Parkin, their RV is also their permanent address. After retiring, they sold their house and jumped into full-time RV living with both feet. They now park their unit at Scottie’s RV Park in Creston, B.C., throughout the year. Although they do travel with their unit during the summer, the Parkins are unique because they snowbird in Mexico each winter but leave their RV back home. After five years, Janel had plenty of experiences and advice to share.

What have been your highlights and most memorable journeys as RVers?

Oh, goodness. We’ve been over to Kelowna (B.C.) and enjoyed going to the wineries. We went to a campground down by the lake and it was very nice.

Can you tell me about your trailer?

It’s 30 feet long; I wouldn’t want anything smaller. It’s got a king-sized bed. We needed a king-sized bed because we have the two little dogs that sleep with us, so that was the selling point—the must-have. But the bedroom is in the back of our unit and, in a way, it would’ve been nice if it could’ve been flipped so I had the living room in the back, because I have my lovely view out the back here.

What do you love about the RV lifestyle?

It’s easy, comfortable, cheap—camping is reasonable and it includes your utilities. Some places do have free cable, but we travel with our Star Choice, so we have our satellite which we pack out. It’s easy. I don’t have to do anything.

What have you found challenging?

I guess manoeuvrability might be one of the bigger ones. The last rainstorm was also a challenge. The torrential rain came down, which we figured wasn’t too bad, but the fan in the bathroom was leaking. In the morning we got up and the rain was dripping all around us. I thought we were going to have to bring an umbrella. That was a challenge! It never had leaked before, but I guess it was a little too much.

What advice would you have for someone interested in getting into RVing?

I guess the biggest one is patience. Take things with a bit of humour—patience and humour. You’re going to be living with somebody in 30 feet, and that’s not very big. I think New York apartments are bigger.

I would recommend (RVing) for people—I think it can even be good for young couples. Maybe even rent one if you can’t afford to buy one—they are expensive. Then just go sit by the lake and let the kids run wild.

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