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The Art of Roaming Cooking

A shot of the book's title includes the name in red and cartoons of eggs in a frying pan, a man on safari, and a camper van.

It’s obvious when someone writes on a subject they’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Jacqui Treagus has developed an interest in helping others create healthy, economical meals while travelling. The result is The Art of Roaming Cooking.

In this peppy cookbook’s introduction, Treagus makes the case for cooking while on the road. She points out benefits such as more energy, savings, friends and freedom—a difficult case to argue against. She also recommends flexible cooking, the kind that allows readers to adapt the recipes to suit their taste, circumstances and ingredients. It is refreshing to find a cookbook that doesn’t include any fancy ingredients—everything can be easily found at any supermarket.

Even basic instructions are included, such as different ways to cook chicken or steak. The Art of Roaming Cooking also offers a list of sandwich suggestions without burdening readers with actual recipes for this staple. When it does come to recipes, Treagus provides a wide variety of simple but delicious recipes such as meatloaf in a mug or chicken with herb and garlic gnocchi. A sample, pasta with chorizo and parmesan sauce, is available on the RVwest cuisine webpage.

The Art of Roaming Cooking is instantly available as an e-book, making it easy to transport on a tablet or laptop. The back pages of the book contain helpful info such as a list of ingredients to carry, a metric conversion table and different names for various vegetables. The author is Australian, but the only terminology you’ll need to bear in mind is that “mince” really means “hamburger.” With a cookbook this comprehensive, those who aspire to travel and make their own tasty food at the same time have a treat in store.

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