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Life with an unusual pet

Ferrets Underfoot by Kate Woods is illustrated with the author's own line drawings and photographs

by Kimberly Shellborn
book titled Ferrets Underfoot
Ferrets Underfoot is a book by Kate Woods.

What is it like to keep ferrets as pets? Ferrets Underfoot provides some entertaining and intriguing answers. This is the personal story of an artist (primarily a woodcarver and soapstone sculptor) who developed a passion for ferrets. Author Kate Woods describes how, with no knowledge of these creatures, she became addicted to them after seeing one with its owner in a laundromat and in a supermarket. Her adventures in learning to live with pairs of ferrets—first in an urban setting and then in the semi-wilderness—are narrated with a light, whimsical touch, sometimes also in a philosophical vein as she learns lessons in living from her pets.

Animal lovers of all kinds will enjoy this engaging, generously illustrated and well-written book, especially when it moves from city to bush. Humorously and lovingly told, the story is packed in each paragraph with refreshing word pictures, minute observation, honesty and attention to detail—the product of an artist's palette.

The book is illustrated with Woods’ own line drawings and colour photographs.

You can purchase a copy at your local bookstore for $19.95 or direct from Hedgerow Press. Phone 250-656-9320 or email [email protected]

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