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B.C. artists reflect on how and when they learned to cook

Recollections and recipes from B.C. writers and artists

by Kimberly Shellborn
book titled Apples Under the Bed
Apples Under the Bed, edited by Joan Caldwell — Photo courtesy Hedgerow Press

This book is a mixed bag of people, ideas and recipes. It takes an assortment of writers—poets, novelists and other artists, and asks them the question “How or when did you learn to cook?” The result is Apples Under the Bed, Recollections and Recipes from B.C. Writers and Artists.

The 31 B.C. writers and artists came originally from very different backgrounds and far-flung places. Invited to reflect on how and when they learned to cook, the authors responded in a variety of styles, some comic, some moving, all illuminating. The well-loved recipes of their childhoods explain how to make Irish colcannon and barm brack, Finnish nisua bread and Caribbean bol jul, as well as the more familiar English Christmas pudding and cake. Nine artists, including Pat Martin Bates, Carole Sabiston and Phyllis Serota, have contributed full-colour illustrations.

Published by Hedgerow Press, North Saanich, B.C. Paperback, $27.95. Available from your local bookstore or direct from Hedgerow Press. Phone 250-656-9320 or email at: [email protected]

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