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On Mountaineering by Radford C. West

Radford West shares a passionate and informative look at the sport of mountaineering

by Kimberly Shellborn
The book cover of On Mountaineering.
On Mountaineering is a get-out-and-do-it guide to the mountains. — Photo courtesy of Radford C. West

Radford West, the author of On Mountaineering, wants to encourage people to take up the sport of mountaineering. His book is more than just a guide; he has written a journal and many personal memoirs of his climbs. The book explores seven mountains. Five are in western Canada and the U.S. (Mt. Steward, Yosemite, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Stupendous and Mt. Styx) and two are international: Mt. Snowdon in Great Britain and Mt. Kenya in Africa.

“This book is an invitation to come experience nature’s cathedrals of rock, ice and snow that stick up above the clouds,” said West. “The mountains gave me a new respect for nature and myself.”

A photo of Radford C. West
The author, Radford C. West. — Photo courtesy of Radford C. West

West talks about his training, the challenges on each hike, his climbing companions and how to plan for mountain climbing.

Each mountain account starts off with a memoir of his youth and the inspiration he received from his grandmother, great uncle and others who helped shaped who he would become. He gives practical suggestions about climbing: how to cook when you are above the treeline and have no firewood, essential clothing, the importantance of a good climbing partner and how to enjoy the moment. West has detailed journal entries about each climb plus a retrospective essay drawing lessons learned.

He wrote On Mountaineering primarily to those just starting out into the mountains as well as those seeking new places to climb. If that sounds like you, you will want to read On Mountaineering.

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