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Be a better runner with this book

Several experts have written a book to help all runners improve their pavement-pounding abilities

by Glynis Fediuk

New parks, new scenery, new trails—all things RVers are treated to during their travels. With all the new things to absorb, RVers might be interested in lacing up their running shoes and hitting the road as a way of sightseeing.

Be A Better Runner is a fantastic book for all calibres of runners, from those running for personal fulfilment to enthusiasts interested in competitive glory. There are training plans utilizing heart rate monitors and guides for improved race performance, as well as nutrition information. Runners looking to buy a new pair of shoes will find guidance, but there is also a comprehensive look at the barefoot running style. There are many photos throughout the book; I found the images showing correct running form and stretching positions to be particularly helpful.

As a runner myself, I have already found use for many of the tips in the book. Be A Better Runner was authored by a trio of experts, including two world-class athletes and a distinguished doctor, who have put the recommended techniques through scientific testing.

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