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A practical guide to prairie flowers, herbs and plants

Water and Wetland Plants of the prairie provinces

by Kimberly Shellborn
White waterlily in the sun.
The Greek name for this flower, Nymphaea, means the goddess of the water. — Photo courtesy Anolis01/photos.com

Do you like to to know what flowers and plants you see when you go for a walk? Do you often ask others in your group about certain flowers and plants? Have you ever wondered if you can use parts of the plants to eat or for other purposes?

The book Water and Wetland Plants of the Prairie Provinces is an excellent source of information about the flowers, herbs and wetland plants you may find in the prairies. Over 400 species of water and wetland plants are included in this field guide. It was designed to be used by both amateur and professional botanists. 

There are photos of almost all of the plants, helping you to identify what you are looking at. Both the common and scientific names are included, along with a detailed plant description. Each listing gives the plant's habitat, description and photo and mentions related species. But perhaps the most fascinating entry for each plant is under the heading Special Features. Here you will find traditional uses as food or medicine as well as unique or harmful characteristics. The author even explains how to cook certain plants to take away a bitter taste, to remove thorns and prickles, or when to eat a plant raw.

Even though this guide is specifically written for the Prairies, many of these plants are also common in other parts of Canada and the U.S.A. For anyone interested in botany, this is an excellent handbook to add to your collection.

Look for Water and Wetland Plants of the Prairie Provinces on Amazon. 

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by Kimberly Shellborn