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Poll results: Our RVing readers share their summer plans

We asked our readers about their plans for the summer of 2022, and got enthusiastic responses.

pie chart showing that most people are going on RV trips this year (2.6% are not)
The vast majority of our readership is planning a trip this summer.

Our readers are getting antsy for summer, and we can certainly see why! They have a roster of activiites planned for the warmer months, and were happy to tell us about it in our last poll.

The first thing we asked was whether or not our readers were planning to travel this summer, and the answer was a resounding "yes" from 97.4% of respondents. 

Next, we inquired about the length of stay. While a few (9.4%) of our readers will be going on extended trips for longer than three months, the rest were almost evenly split between staying for a few weeks or venturing out for one-to-three months.

Activities for RVers in summer 2022

When it came to their planned activities, our respondents had a diverse list to share, but one aspect stood out above the rest. A whopping 89.7% indicated that rest and relaxation were at the top of their priority list.

Many also have plans to go sightseeing, nature bathing or socializing with friends and family. We even had some foodies voice their fondness for culinary exploration, and a number of photographers and outdoorsy folks who plan to boat, bike or hike this year.

Where to go camping this summer

In terms of destinations, B.C. and Alberta were the top spots for RVers to head this summer, with Saskatchewan coming close behind. Some plan to do a cross-province or cross-country road trip rather than stay in one place.

We also noticed some are heading north to Alaska, an increasingly appealing travel destination, (we encourage everyone to check out the Alaska Marine Highway system for an unforgettable RV trip). 

What do you most hope to get out of the 2022 RV season?

This question resulted in some excellent replies:
"Fun..live my life every day to the fullest."
"Visting family and going south this coming winter."
"No problem getting campsites."
"Just to enjoy the outdoors and visiting new places."
"Enjoy every day going across Canada and get to see ICEBERGS!"
"A lot better knowledge of the north."
"A good relaxing time."
"Fun and relaxation and time together with friends and family with limited restrictions—unlike the last two summers!"
"Mental health recovery."
"Fresh air and relaxation and sociallizing."
"Camping with our kids and grandkids."
These were just a few of the thoughtful responses from our readership. Thank you for sharing part of your world with us, and for being the adventurous, positive, caring community that you are, even in tough times.
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