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Meet the Svenssons

This Swedish couple have travelled in Canada for three summers

by Joni Krats

Stefan and Viveka Svensson are from Fredrika, Sweden—population 300.

The couple have RVed in Canada for three years in a row. Each time, they have flown to the country and rented an RV. This year, the Svenssons are taking three months to holiday in their rented RV.

So far on this trip, they have been through Waterton Lakes National Park and are currently travelling through B.C.’s East Kootenay region. The Svenssons plan to hit Yellowstone, Vancouver and Banff. They also want to spend some time on a ranch at Cremona, Alberta; they love the western cowboy life. They brought their mountain bikes and like to cycle portions of the Trans-Canada Trail and along rail beds that have been converted to bike trails.

“It is easy to travel this way,” said Viveka.

The couple enjoy many things about travelling in Canada, including the fact that English is easy to speak and the country is clean. And they like the people of Canada.

“They are honest, simple and open-minded,” said Viveka. “Canadians are good hosts.”

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