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Catching up with the Grateful Glamper family

Digital nomads Ben and Charity DeVries share what they’ve learned from their RV adventures

The Devries family in front of their RV
Ben and Charity love to share what they know about the world of RV travel. — Photo courtesy of Grateful Glamper

Ben and Charity DeVries are digital nomads who have a passion for sharing their knowledge with others. They are the creators of Grateful Glamper, a multi-platform resource, blog, YouTube channel and Instagram account dedicated to RVing and travel. 

The DeVries began dreaming of the RV life back in 2015, but at first it didn’t seem financially feasible. Friends and mentors encouraged them to create a vision board, so they set about visualizing their perfect RV. 

They headed to a Colorado dealership in January, braving the winter roads in order to tour the dealership and learn more about the nitty gritty of RV travel. Finally they took a photo of their family standing in front of a stunning Class A RV—their dream unit. They kept that photo on the fridge where they could see it daily, and the goal to run a business from the road was set into motion.

Photo courtesy Grateful Glamper

We asked Charity DeVries a few questions about their excursions, and how to get the most out of RVing:

Who do you travel with? 

We travel with our two kids (ages 11 and 13), our two cats, and our dog, Alaska. 

What are some of your favourite locations to visit? 

We love the state of Florida, especially the Florida Keys. We've stayed in the Keys four times now and have plans to go back soon. We love the island vibe of the Keys.

Photo courtesy Grateful Glamper

Do you have any exciting plans for the upcoming season? 

We have three states left to visit to have covered all 50 states. We are trying to decide where our next trip will be—either Hawaii, Alaska, or Arkansas. We are also contemplating going on a cruise. 

What are some of your favourite RV products that make life on the road easier? 

There are so many, like a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and surge protector for safety, and then anything collapsible for the kitchen (collapsible bowls, measuring cups, etc.) 

Photo courtesy Grateful Glamper

Was full-time RVing what you expected it to be? 

It was difficult to find community at first, we definitely felt lonely in the beginning. 

Were there any surprises? 

Daily. Stuff WILL break and you have to learn to become handy and fix things on the fly. 

What aspects of full-time RVing have been the most challenging? 

The kids and keeping them connected to friends. We're getting better by being intentional with travel plans, but it can still be a challenge. 

Photo courtesy Grateful Glamper

If you could offer one useful camping hack, what would it be? 

Don't rush! Stay at least three days wherever you are going. It can get stressful moving all the time. Also, try to keep travel days to a minimum of three to five hours of driving. 

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