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Calgary RV Expo 2018: A recap

The 49th annual Calgary RV Expo & Sale displayed a world of RVing options

The BMO Centre in Calgary's Stampede Park was full to overflowing with RVs and RVers during the 2018 Expo & Sale.
The BMO Centre in Calgary's Stampede Park was full to overflowing with RVs and RVers during the 2018 Expo & Sale. — Stephen White photo

The 2018 Calgary RV Expo & Sale took place from January 25 to 28 at the BMO Centre in Stampede Park, with a mind-boggling number of RVs on display and dozens of accessory vendor stations. Next year the annual event will celebrate its 50th occurrence.

Many RVs on display were sleeker and more luxurious than ever, accommodating the full-time or long-time RVing lifestyle. These attractive, spacious and comfortable units have high-end, high-quality finishes and accessories that make staying indoors a pleasure.

There’s also a notable trend toward accommodating the active, outdoors-oriented vacationer. In these trailers, storage capacity for boards, bikes, boats and other gear is generous and accessible, and while conveniences are included, they are streamlined and compact. Many of the trailers are light enough to tow with a four-cylinder vehicle.

RVwest representative Stephen White attended the expo and shared some of his photos with us. Here are his impressions of just a few of the units he inspected.

No Boundaries travel trailer
The No Boundaries travel trailer is also known as the No Bo: “Just the name of this trailer makes my feet itch,” White said. The interior includes lots of storage space for recreational gear, with a comfortable, pared-clean design that’s perfect for your getaway. And you won’t need to buy a truck to tow it. — Stephen White photo
Tiger Moth Camper
The Tiger Moth Camper’s rugged construction and well-thought-out conveniences are just what you need for a no-fuss outdoor adventure. Stripped-down, solar-power capable, lightweight and easy to load, the Tiger Moth’s wide-open hatches embrace the outdoors. — Stephen White photo
Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte travel trailer
The Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte is a spacious, easy-towing unit that features generous kitchen counters, an additional exterior kitchen, a roomy bathroom and quality finishes. It comes in several sizes, so it’s suitable for short and long stays. — Stephen White photo
Airstream Basecamp travel trailer
With its panoramic picture window, the Airstream Basecamp is certainly eye-catching, and it's lightweight enough to tow with an SUV. It’s roomy and bright inside, and easy to load through the back hatch and the side door. Two optional attachable tents increase the sheltered space by 11 square metres. — Stephen White photo
Rockwood Premier Hard-side Pop-up Camper trailer
The rigid walls of the cute-as-a-button Rockwood Premier Hard-Side Pop-up Camper give you more privacy and protection from the elements than the traditional tent trailer that inspired it. The pop-up combines a fibreglass vacuum-bonded exterior with the advantages of easy towing, set-up and storage. — Stephen White photo
Two representatives from RVezy were among many vendors at the 2018 Calgary RV Expo & Sale.
These representatives from RVezy were among many accessory vendors at the 2018 Calgary RV Expo & Sale. The accessory vendors offered RV rentals as well as all manner of merchandise to support RVing convenience and comfort. — Stephen White photo

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