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King Cobra F9 Speedback Driver

Cobra-Puma for 2019 has come up with a new revolutionary development

Shot of a golfer making a putt
Cobra Driver - 10.5-degree loft. Can be used as a putter, on or off the green. — Dennis Begin photo
It is that time of the golf season when the various golf companies are pushing their new products while golfers want to update their equipment.  Cobra-Puma for 2019 has come up with a new revolutionary development with their F9 Speedback driver.  The goal of Cobra’s new design was to compete with other companies such as Taylor Made and Callaway. The King F9 Speedback driver has been dubbed the King of Speed. The inspiration for the name Speedback comes from PGA touring pro golfer Rickie Fowler and his Porsche GT2RS sports car.
The Cobra F9 is revolutionary because of the new technology.  
  • The club has a very different aerodynamic shape, being 12 per cent bigger than the F8 of 2018.  The sole has been stretched over rounded edges, making the club more aerodynamic—much like an airplane wing.  In addition, the top of the club has PWR ridges or power ridges that increase airflow and make the club “aeroficient.”  Cobra is the first company to combine an aerodynamic shape with a low centre of gravity that optimizes club head speed for maximum distance. 
  • The sole has a two-weight system, with the weights being 14 grams or two grams. The weights are interchangeable, producing high or low spin. Move the 14-gram weight to the back and the trajectory and spin is higher, helping to produce a draw. Move the two-gram weight to the back and the trajectory and spin is low, helping to produce a low fade.
  • A precision CNC titanium-milled face is very thin and produces greater speed of the ball off the face of the club. The face is not flat, but has three perfected bulge areas, along with an elliptical shape.  This expands the sweet spot (zone) and produces a consistent straighter ball flight.
Other major features of this club are: 
  • The adjustable MyFly Smart Pad on the Hosel has eight loft settings when changing the loft from nine degrees to 12.5 degrees.  
  • The 460-cc club head has a black body with yellow trim and is very colourful, glossy and easy to see and hit. Fowler referred to the colour as “business on top and party underneath.” 
  • If interested in tracking your drives, the Cobra Connect Sensor is built into the top of the grip and sends data back to a Cobra Connect app and Arccos Caddie Service.
It would take an aerospace engineer to understand all of the new technological changes.  If you are looking for a good driver with a different design, the Cobra Speedback F9 is the right choice. Cobra has made improvements in club head speed and distance, something all golfers want. On hitting the ball, the club head and colour stand out, making it easier to hit.
Fowler uses the Cobra, and recently won the 2019 Waste Management Phoenix Open.  Lexi Thompson uses Cobra equipment on the LPGA Tour as well. One of the advantages of the King Cobra F9 Speedback is the price and substantial savings over its competitors; cost is C$549.
Close-up of the Cobra Driver
— Dennis Begin photo

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