Zap those bug bites

Rather than messy ointments and bug sprays, give ZapIt a try

Kid using ZapIt
A boy trying Zapit — photo courtesy Mark Wright

Everything about summer's warm weather is awesome, except for one tiny, little problem: mosquitoes. It seems almost impossible to completely avoid getting bitten at least a few times during the summer. And then the symptoms set in: itching, scratching and swelling. Rather than using messy ointments and bug sprays, give ZapIt a try.

This product—a small, orange, gun-shaped device that fits easily between the fingers—offers a new, innovative remedy for those nasty mosquito bites. It contains an antihistamine piezo principle—sounds complicated, but it has been proven to work successfully on bug bites. ZapIt quickly stops that annoying itch and the urge to scratch; it also reduces inflammation and skin blemishes.

ZapIt works by the rapid expansion and contraction of crystals, which happens after the user presses the activation button. This in turn creates a benign impulse, like a mild static electricity charge. ZapIt is safe, portable and definitely easy to use.

To learn more, go to the ZapIt website or call 1-866-824-8677.

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