Remove mould without using bleach

Moldaway contains no bleach or chlorine products, so it's safe on all colours as well as most fabrics.

by Kimberly Shellborn
A photo of a 12oz jar of Moldaway.
Moldaway attacks mold, mildew and algae wherever it is found without damaging the surface being cleaned. — Photo courtesy Shurhold Industries

RVers often have to contend with mould and mildew. Cleaning away the mould can be a difficult job, and traditional products often the damage protective coatings of surfaces. Instead of using harsh, bleach-based products, a safe alternative is Shurhold Industries’ Moldaway.

Moldaway does not damage the surface being cleaned and does not leave behind residue. 

Moldaway can also be used as a stain remover for carpets, fabrics and canvas. As it contains no bleach or chlorine products, it is safe on all colours as well as fabrics including vinyl, canvas, plastic, interior and exterior cushions and wood accessories. 

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