VR: the new way to shop for an RV

Carefree is giving virtual tours of RVs

A birds eye view of Carefree RV
Carefree RV has a variety of RVs to suit your family’s needs and budget. — Photo courtesy Tania Mauro

A couple inspects an RV, examining the details within. The floor plan matches their specifications, the cabinetry is lovely and they envision the future adventures that will be had inside this RV. They remove their virtual reality headsets and look at the salesperson across from them. “We’ll take it,” they say in unison.

That’s an unorthodox way of purchasing an RV, yes, but using the latest technology to bolster your camping experience is one of the innovative ways Carefree RV is serving its customers in Edmonton, Alberta. Some might think that a virtual reality headset is a bit too far out there for the RV crowd to get behind, but, “Everyone that has used it is absolutely thrilled,” said Tania Mauro, marketing manager for Carefree RV. “Their jaws are dropping.” Customers still like to go into the actual motorcoach to feel and touch it, but if a specific floor plan isn’t on site, the option is convenient because you can see it before it comes in. “If a couple decides to put one on order, the 3-D is very useful,” Mauro said. “They feel more confident in their purchase.

One of the RVs inside the store
The Carefree RV floor is dotted with at least six to eight RVs that you can peruse at your leisure. — Photo courtesy Tania Mauro

If gadgets overwhelm you, there’s no need to be intimidated when stepping into Carefree RV. The showroom is decorated and painted to resemble a camping site, complete with a waterfall and pond. The atmosphere is meant to make you feel like you’re in a forest, and is enhanced by a special greeter—the 12-foot Carefree grizzly bear.

Carefree RV is the only full-line Winnebago dealer in northern Alberta. People come from Saskatchewan, B.C. and Manitoba to purchase from Carefree units because they can get any type of model or floor plan customized for the active family or the retired snowbirder that would like to travel North America.

A salesperson shows a customer the various RVs by cruising around the lot in a golf cart
“We want to provide our customers with information and knowledge so they feel they can make a really good, sound decision,” said Mauro. — Photo courtesy Tania Mauro

You may be an RV newbie, but there’s an RV that’s right for you too. “You can get a beautiful vacation experience for only $62 bi-weekly,” said Mauro. “It can be very affordable.” Sometimes information is just as valuable as money, and Carefree RV has you covered. “We can take up to three or four hours to explain how the trailer works inside and out,” Mauro said. “When someone is a Carefree customer, they’re a customer for life.”  

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