RV Snapshots

Golf attracts RVers

There are lots of summer attractions in Cranbrook, BC

Two couples and one small dog stand beside their motorhome
Bob and Maud Hayes and Jeff and Dawn Lukin of Edmonton visited Mount Baker RV Park in Cranbrook, B.C. — Marie Milner photo

Who: Bob and Maud Hayes with daughter and son-in-law Dawn and Jeff Lukin, all of Edmonton, Alberta

Where: Mount Baker RV Park, Cranbrook, B.C.

Have you been to Cranbrook before? Oh yes, we’ve been here a few times—we like your golf courses and we like Fort Steele.

Are you going to take in the Old Time Accordion Championships in Kimberley? We probably will, because we haven’t ever been to Kimberley. And we might check out the farmers market in the park down the street from here, if we get back in time.

Is it comfortable traveling with four of you together in one rig? I love it! (this from Maud). They won’t let me do any of the work!

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