Trip planner: Everything you need to know before RVing or camping in Sparwood, B.C.

Check out the RVing opportunities in Sparwood, British Columbia

Nestled in the B.C. wilderness, Sparwood is a small mining community with a wealth of trails and recreational areas for RVers to enjoy. Camp, fish, hike, or take amazing photos—there are endless options to pursue. Scroll down on our Sparwood landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, campsites and more.

Sparwood, small town, big heart. Photo courtesy Sparwood and District Chamber of Commerce
Sparwood: Small town, big heart. — Photo courtesy Sparwood and District Chamber of Commerce

If your passion is hiking, fishing, photography or just basking in the beauty of B.C.'s wilderness, Sparwood is a must for your next RV holiday.

Population: 4,200

Climate: Sparwood boasts pleasant spring and summer weather, making this the best time to go camping.

Tourist information for Sparwood, B.C.

Sparwood & District Chamber of Commerce
District of Sparwood

Top attractions in Sparwood, B.C.

Terex Titan

This roadside landmark is a favourite for photo opportunities.

Mine Artifacts Self-Guided Walking Tour

Take a tour at your own pace and learn about Sparwood's mining history. For more information, call 250-425-2423.

Coal Mine Tour

Take a fascinating tour of a real working coal mine. For more information, call 250-425-2423.

Top events and festivals in Sparwood, B.C.

Coal Miner Days

Sparwood's annual June celebration brings the whole community together for fun and games.

Sanidumps in Sparwood, B.C.

Town Information Centre

Campgrounds and RV resorts in Sparwood, B.C.

Mountain Shadows Campground

Hartley Lake Campground

RV-Friendly Businesses Near Sparwood